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this customer case as a pdf here. 3 Choose modular SL-system or integral cutting units 4 Add extension if necessary - Add extensions where needed to complete gauge length requirements. T also gives the cutting unit a kick to free it from the clamping unit when it is to be changed. In the past, when replacing O-rings there was a choice between two types: NBR and epdm.

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Includes: 18-PA/FA-17 Front Bolt Oring x 2 SL2-25 Internal Valve Seat Oring x 2 CA-09E Valve Reduction Fitting Oring x 2 PA-12 Rear Bolt Oring x 2 PA-12 Valve Body Oring x 2 22-SP End Cap. The two O-rings were hard to tell apart. For more information about eriks Sealing and Polymer, fill in the form on the right or contact a local team. CParting and rooving 2 Select clamping unit - Use the program overview to choose a holder based on machine type. Dimensions, millimeter, inch (mm,.) l 1 programming length 1). Nformation on page J2 Clamping units 21 21 Coromant Capto Coromant Capto Clamping units eneral Turning Accessories Cover plug for clamping unit CParting and rooving Screw Locking washer Set screw Kantseal Ordering code (4x) (4x) (2x) O-ring O-ring (2x). C3 C3-C igh grade plastic. 8 8 Manual clamping units Manual clamping units Manual clamping units for special applications The 2090 type clamping unit is designed for special adaptation to the machine. The material is 25 CR MoS 4, low alloy steel. 7 l mm 7. Camshaft activated drawbar The movement of the drawbar is generated by a cam acting from the side of the unit which rotates in a slot in the drawbar. Plant shut down at dairy factory.